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Maidstone Community Support Centre
The home of community work


The Centre is currently undergoing some re-decorating on the 1st floor.  The colour will be a uniform one throughout the 1st and 2nd floors instead of the current hotch-potch of various shades of peach/blue/red that we have




Today we put the finishing touches to the front of the 2 interview rooms here at the Centre. As these rooms are increasing in popularity as counselling rooms, a privacy vinyl sticker has been put up. It not only allows light in and gives the clients inside some privacy, it also allows us to advertise ourselves to the outside world.





MCSC would like to thank everyone that attended our 30th AGM on the 26th.  Pictures are available to view on any of our social media platforms (facebook, twitter or instagram)

Click here to be taken to our News page where you can find our 2016/17 Accounts, 2016/17 Annual Report and a list of apologies from the 2017 AGM



To take part in this survey please click on this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WWT5TYG







If you know this chap please do get in touch with us via email tad@mcsc.org.uk or phone in confidence 01622 690369 ( ask for Jackie or Matt). Would you please SHARE SHARE SHARE we need to find him.



(2016) The Small Meeting Room is Back !!!!  This room fills the gap in the type of sessional rooms we are able to offer for hire.  It falls in size and price between the Interview Room and the Training & Meeting Room.  It can accomodate up to 12 people in Board Room style.

If you would like to book this room, or for more details, please contact MCSC reception









On the 30th August 1986, Don Brand and a few others had the foresight to set up a new charity in Maidstone.  On that day, Maidstone Community Support Centre was incorporated at companies house.  A few months later, the old nurses home that served the West Kent Hospital was purchased and the rest they say is history.  In our reception area is a small display showing those early days.




MCSC was pleased to show a small art exhibition for Peer Support Worker Awareness Week.  It was on the stairway in the main reception area.  It had been kindly provided by 111, Tonbridge Road and was on display for 2 weeks.



A big thank you to everyone that came to our 29th AGM on the 19th July.  We were treated to Cream Teas (supplied by the staff from The Cafe at Marsham street) and they went down well.  It was good to see Cllrs Denise Joy and Dan Daley as well. Our annual report and the 2015-2016 accounts are now available to view here


We proudly introduce our newly fitted Bridget Overton Training Room

We have installed an interactive Whiteboard in the room which will allow you to interact with your class/group on PC programs as well as using the internet and showing your DVD presentations.  Please feel free to come in for a demonstration if you would like to get up to speed before your use it (But check first for room availability)


Hall 1

We have introduced a full size cinema setup after groups told us that they were expanding and were no longer able to fit everyone in the Malcolm Robertson Media Room.  This cinema set up will also reach into hall 2, therefore allowing a seating capacity of 90. Not only is it able to play Blu-Ray and DVD discs, but it can be connected to your laptop for your PowerPoint presentations and other PC based programs.

As an additional item, we have installed a Public Address system into the speaker system which will give the presenter the ability to project their voice across all 3 halls.  Please feel free to come in for a demonstration (but call first to make sure that the hall is available).

The Marks & Spencer Energy Fund Competition

Dear Colleagues.

I would like to thank you all for your support with our bid for the M&S Solar panel bid. Unfortunately we came in third place slightly behind an animal sanctuary and a school project in other parts of the country. I believe we did everything we could have done but still lost out.

We are still committed to improving the centre and its energy efficiency and will explore other options to support the installation of solar panels and other ways of greening the building. At our recent Members network meeting we discussed running fund raising events to raise the money to do this.

Once again I know this is disappointing news to all but we really do appreciate all your efforts and support and on behalf of the MCSC and Café at Marsham Street Team thank you

Kind regards


Chief Executive
Maidstone Community Support Centre



Sept 2015. We have just released our MCSC Forum.  It is used primarily for the In-House Networking Meetings, and for the Member groups within the Centre to 'talk' to each other, but we also hope that others will use it as a way finding out about us.  The forum is in the very early stages of development, and will be subject to many changes in format and design as we work with our Member groups.

If you would like to join us please go to MCSC FORUM where you will be able to register (or click on the link in the menu bar at the top of this page).  Registration requires a member to the MCSC staff to authorise your request (so it may take a day or two), after which time you will have access to the entire forum.


Sept 2015. Your Community Centre needs your help.  We are currently in the running for a share of the M&S Energy Fund as detailed below.  Could you please take a minute out of your busy schedule to make a vote for us on their website.  If you click here M&S Community Energy Fund (you will need to register) you can place a vote for us.  If we are successful with our campaign then your one vote will have made a BIG difference to the Centre and it's users.

Today (Weds 13th May 2015) we were able to show off our new Quilt Sampler and the Marsham Street Quilters that made it.  Although the quilt was hung last week, today was the first time that everyone was in the Centre, and able to have their photograph taken.  From everyone at MCSC we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to The Quilters

The Garden Project is well underway.  The shed in up, and is waiting for another coat of paint.  Well done to Sam, her helpers and students in getting the ground work done.

Click here to be see the updates and reports from the cafe.

The Garden Project had its GRAND OPENING last week.  Cllr Dan Daley opened it for us. ** Look here **

A Big THANK YOU to all those that attended our 28th AGM here in the Centre.  We hope you all enjoyed the food and opening of the Cafe Garden Project.    Same time, Same place Next Year ???

The Annual Report and Accounts are now available to view HERE



The Garden Project

The staff and students in the Cafe are currently digging in the back of the Centre.  They will be putting in new raised beds and utilising the current raised beds for herbs, fruit and vegetables.  This produce is to be used in the cafe kitchen for the day to day menu as well as making jams, chutneys and preserves.  The students are playing a big part in this project.  As well as planting and reaping, they have been helping with the painting and site preperation.  We must also thank the volunteers who have gratiously donated their time in laying the foundations as well as all the other work.

Tuesday 21st July 2015 was the official unveiling of the Cafe Garden Project.  We were honoured to welcome Cllr Dan Daley to open it for us.  We would like to thank both Cllr Daley and Cllr Rob Bird who contributed some of their Members Grant Funding to fund our garden.


T: 01622 690369 | admin@mcsc.org.uk